Black Friday week?

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Black Friday week?

Brainstorming in the SUS Sustainability Solutions GmbH WhatsApp group, Saturday, 21 November, 10:14 am:

N: Hey, how about we do a Black Friday Week in our webshop?

C: Nah. I think it's just another cheap, shitty commercial marketing strategy, totally over-commercialised, absolutely not sustainable. And in the end, the producer suffers. It used to be for one day, now it's for weeks. Really now?

N: But that's what everyone does

C: Hahahaha, do we always do what others do? But to take a step back: Why is it actually called Black Friday? What does colour have to do with it? Why this black/white distinction?

A: Why is black always put in a negative perspective? Like Black Friday, the black bag, the black spot ... that stands for intransparency, negativity and fear.

N: Yes, we are a rainbow!

C: I think you just nailed it! Let's do it, but in our SUS Sustainability Solutions GmbH way. Let's call it "Rainbow Weeks". We give a discount during this time and double the donations. Win-Win. Let's turn this into something positive.

N: Yes!!!

C: I'll do some drafts over the weekend, then on Monday we can decide whether to put it live.

Update 23.11.2020 @ 21:32

C: Done, look at it

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