B2B Upcycling Products

From process automation to Big Data, digitization dominates our world today. Technology is driving disruptive innovation, optimizing outdated processes and unlocking new opportunities. In recent decades, our way of life has already been transformed by new developments. Now, the Corona Crisis has significantly accelerated the process of digital transformation. In 2020, technology delivered the ... Read more ...

Upcycling for the musical instrument industry

Promoting recycling and reprocessing processes is an important step towards the circular economy. They can be used to establish cycles that conserve materials and resources, are more energy-efficient and therefore more environmentally and climate-friendly than the linear value chains that have been common up to now. very year, 32 million tons of plastic end up in the environment worldwide, an estimated 5 to 13 million tons of which ... Read more ...

Packaging material made from recycled materials

The right packaging material is essential to ensure that your products reach the end customer safely. If your goods are packaged incorrectly, they can quickly become damaged during shipping. As a result, you not only lose money, but also the trust of your customers. On the other hand, packaging material is a driver of the major waste problem. We know the horrible pictures ... Read more ...

Alternative recycled materials

Our goal is to develop innovative composite materials that enable the upcycling of biological waste materials into new sustainable products that are in turn recyclable. We therefore strive to contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions and a circular economy in large-scale industry. The composite materials are protected by patents and are suitable for the production and manufacture of products in ... Read more ...

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