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DJ Senay Gueler was born the fourth child of a Turkish guest worker couple in Erbach in the Odenwald region of southern Hesse. He grew up in Michelstadt, where he says he had a great childhood - with lots of greenery, lots of freedom and lots of fun. Soon after that came the farewell to the Odenwald, for the sake of a woman he went to Berlin in 2001. He worked for the music label Universal Music as a product manager and artist supervisor for a good 10 years. After the divorce, he quit his job and was homeless for a short time before he started again as an event DJ, actor and tattoo model. With his hand tattoo "Hirschbär" (deer bear), Gueler symbolises his connection to Berlin (bear) and the Odenwald (deer).

Apart from his work as a DJ, his appearance on the series "4 Blocks" certainly made him famous.

Here is a little video of him - about us - Thank you Senay! Very cool!

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