SUS Sustainability Solutions GmbH - first TV appearance!

SUS Sustainability Solutions GmbH made its first TV appearance on ZDF Morgenmagazin. Our co-founder Neo accompanied Juan Daniel from Buenos Momentos, who wore our flagship, a neon-coloured guitar strap.

Juan Daniél was born in Offenbach / Bieber, his parents come from Spain. His music sounds like a coffee on the coast, like dancing in the sand. It sounds like sun cream smells - just like a holiday. Juan Daniél is a cheerful guy who infects everyone with his energy. He has been recording songs on the cassette recorder since he was a small child, and has been in the studio professionally since 2018.
The mixture of floating guitars and cool beats make Juan Daniél's songs modern Latin pop.

The ZDF live show started at 7 am CET, the band went on stage at 8:50 am, which is quite an early start for musicians (or a very late night).

Watch this video and observe the handsome man on the right with the SUS Sustainability Solutions GmbH Neon Guitar Strap.

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