Packaging material made from recycled materials

The right packaging material is essential to ensure that your products reach the end customer safely. Incorrect packaging can quickly cause damage to your goods during shipping. You will not only lose money, but also the trust of your customers.

On the other hand, packaging material is a driver of the big rubbish problem. We know the horrible images of oceans full of plastic and children playing on mountains of rubbish.

It doesn't have to be this way. Intelligent recycling paired with forward-thinking upcycling enables us to break new ground.

Our product range for key accounts extends from plastic-free packaging materials to bulk packaging made from recycled materials.

Among other things, we offer an all-round service for our customers: we analyse the recycling of the company's own waste, we sort these recyclables and produce new materials from them, which in turn are used in the company.

We help you to package your products in a protected way for shipping and at the same time make an active contribution to the topic of sustainability.

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